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Established in 1971, Far East Foam Industries has always been involved in the business of providing quality sleep to our clients. Starting with the domestic market, Far East Foam Industries began manufacturing polyurethane foam for industrial use and for bedding products in 1978.

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Every mattress is the result of years of experience, innovation, patented technologies and materials. There is a wide range of mattresses to choose from depending on your sleep position, personal preference and style.

Our Intelli-Sleep range of foam bedding and pillows provides the patented therapeutic sleep system which helps to prevent neck and body aches.

Proudly leading our spring mattress range is the world-renowned Lady Americana mattresses. Bearing the distinguished approval of the North America Federation of Chiropractic Networks, our Lady Americana series is truly the ultimate in sleep technology.

In order to make quality spring mattresses affordable to all, our Comfort Spring series provides sleeping comfort for the household as well as hotels.

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