Health, Love,
Prestige and Wealth

Quality sleep is essential for the body to rest and heal. A good mattress promotes good sleep. Good sleep promotes good Health. Good Health promotes Love, Prestige and Wealth.

About us

Our Story and Aspirations

Far East Foam Industries, founded in 1971, stresses on producing quality products and excellent services. In 2011, the company adopted the tagline “FOAMING EVERYONE’S FUTURE”, thereby informing every stakeholder and shareholder that the future of the company will be shaped along with the foaming technology and that we will continue to produce good quality products and services which emulate the spirit of the clover. Far East Foam Industries employs the state-of-art-technology and research to provide the best products for a restful sleep to our clients.

Our company logo, the four-leaf clover, represents LOVE, HEALTH, PRESTIGE and WEALTH. Just like the four-leaf clover, Far East Foam Industries is committed to bringing our clients all the four important benefits.

The clover is also a symbol of the green earth and at Far East Foam Industries, we strive to fulfil our social responsibilities by using materials and processes that are environmentally friendly and free from ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). On 16th September 2002, the company pledged to the Ozone Protection Unit of the Department of Environment of Malaysia, that we will fully support the Montreal Protocol. Our company now promotes ozone-friendly technologies and practices and strives to assist our business partners and associates to phase out CFC.

About us


In 1971, Far East (Seremban) Enterprise begins operations in Hose Road, Seremban which is less than 65km from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company was founded by our late Chairman, Mr Albert Loo Chia Foo (1938-2010), as a trading and wholesale company. In 1978, the company’s name was changed to Syarikat Far East Foam Industrial. It started polyurethane foam manufacturing for industrial use and bedding products for the domestic market. In 1987, under Far East Foam Industries, the company began exporting to the USA, Japan, Middle East, Africa and the ASEAN markets.

In 1991, the company invested in injection moulding machines and expanded into advanced spring mattress production. The company has adopted the Quality ISO certification for its manufacturing processes since 1999 and has achieved the ISO9001:2008 certification.

In 1995, the company was the first local company to invest in the state-of-art Cannon Viking Maxfoam production. With the continual growth of demand from local and international clients, in 2005, Far East Foam Vietnam was incorporated and a new factory was set up in Tân Uyên District, Bình Dương Province, about 50km from Ho Chi Minh City. The factory occupies a land size of 4 acres and has around 130 dedicated employees.

From 2016 to 2018, Far East Foam Industries embarked on “Business For Growth” which focuses on its business expansion, engaging new dealers, upgrading its business software, adding new machines and set up a conducive work environment for its employees. During this time the company achieved the ISO14001:2015.

From 2019 to 2020, the company achieved the ISO45001:2018. The Company was certified with a certification by CentiPUR USA and it is a registered member of ISPA. During this period, the company’s export market expanded with the popularity of the mattress-in-a-box concept worldwide.

In 2021, Far East Foam Industries celebrated its 50th Anniversary and has in the pipeline to expand into automation on its production lines.

The company stakeholders and shareholders appreciated the contribution of its employees who have contributed to its growth since its inception.

About us


Our Unique Advantages in Manufacturing, Technology & Expertise!

FEF (Far East Foam) invests widely in the latest state-of-the-art machineries, advanced technology and production techniques. Our highly professional and experienced manpower produced superior local and globally competitive products that are cost-effective to meet the increasing demand and to remain competitive. With progressive annual growth, the manufacturing sector has great potential to tap the growing local and global market. However, with increasing labour and production costs, cost-effectiveness is the key to continued business growth and success, and FEF continues to maintain this vital balance to stay ahead.

Teamwork is the keyword at FEF. Combined with our highly professional and experienced expertise and well-supported by far-sighted management, planning and astute marketing strategies ensures consistently higher productivity. Our emphasis on advanced production techniques and superior QC in every phase of manufacture and superior QC ensures final delivery of products that meet the most stringent demands of all our clients, locally and globally. Intensive personnel training and economical use of vital raw materials are also key factors that consolidate FEF’s leading edge in the industry.

About us

Our Company Milestones

1971 Started business from home, making simple bedding products.

1978 Syarikat Far East Industrial started as a Sole Proprietor as a Trading and Wholesale company.

1982 Far East Foam Industries Sdn.Bhd was established as a premier foam manufacturer in Seremban.

1992 - 1995

  • Increased product development in spring mattresses and moulded foam products.
  • Developed the continuous foaming process.

1997 Began to export bedding products to Japan and other Asian countries.


  • Awarded the Environment Award for using non-CFC production facilities.
  • Awarded the tender to supply bedding products for Winter Olympic in Nagano, Japan.


  • Achieved ISO9001:2000 certification.
  • Signed membership agreement with Lady Americana Associates Inc to be Lady Americana License in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
  • Awarded the tender to supply bedding product to Singapore Army Camp in Pulau Tekong.

2003 Developed the first MDI based Visco-elastic foam products.

2005 Invested in Vietnam, Far East Foam Vietnam starts production.


  • Upgraded to ISO9001:2008 certification.
  • Factory expansion (Factory 2) in Malaysia.

2011 Continuous foaming of 60-meter long bun in FEF (Vietnam).


  • Participated in road shows and trade fairs under Lady Americana Brand.
  • Started more branding exercise in media, signage, billboard and print.
  • FEFV open up Ho Chi Minh City office in District 1

2016 - 2018 “Plan for Growth”

  • Business expansion
  • Engaging new dealers
  • Upgrading of business software
  • New machineries
  • Conductive work environment

2019 - 2020 “Transformation”

  • Certifications (ISO45001-2018, CERTIPUR-US, ISPA)
  • Export growth
  • Engaging manpower
  • New business (Emerging market)
  • Automation
  • 50th Anniversary celebrations (Golden Jubilee)