Our Brands

Altogether, the company has three brands to cater for different market segments and their needs.

Lady Americana

Sleep Better, Live Better.

Lady Americana is a world-renowned brand and is one of the top 10 important bedding brand in the USA. We are the license manufacturer and distributor for Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Brunei. Bearing the distinguished approval of the North America Federation of Chiropractic Networks, Lady Americana series is truly the ultimate in sleep technology.


The New Feel Sensation.

Intelli-Sleep’s unique patented sleeping system is designed to naturally conform to the body’s orthopaedic movement. The special material, Visco Elastic Memory Foam, moulds body curves and temperature, irrespective of the shape, head size and position or weight of the body. By minimising pressure points, it helps to relieve and prevent neck and body aches. The result is a truly enhanced comfortable sleep.

Comfort Spring

Sleep Technology for your Quality Sleep.

Comfort Spring was the first spring mattress range when the company started its spring mattress industry. Over the years, Comfort Spring has become a common household name with over 1000 dealers in Malaysia. Many local hotels choose Comfort Spring for its price, durability, comfort and support.