Our Foams

Far East Foam also has a large conversion line for foams with Vertical, Horizontal and Circular splitters, peeling and profiling machines and contour cutting machines. We supply flexible foams as buns, sheets and rolls. Additionally we do custom cuts, processes and secondary treatments.

We control the following parameters in our manufacture of Flexible Polyurethane Foams namely; Density, Hardness Number, Hardness Index, Resilience or Ball Rebound besides Elongation at break.

We can provide additional properties to foams such as Antimicrobial, Anti-UV and Fire Retardant Foam.

Our foam is used in the furniture, household cleaning product and bedding industries. It can be cut and shaped as required to serve the unlimited number of purpose. PU foam is one of the few materials that product designers have almost infinite flexibility. To meet the demand of these industries, foams of various densities durability and tensile strength are our core product. The nature properties of PU foam are Support, Comfort and Durability.

There are 5 types of PU Foams that we manufacture, as follows:

Visco / Memory Foam
Revolutionary “Visco-Elastic” polyurethane foam which contours perfectly and molds to your body’s shape to give that perfect support. Memory foam is often used in sleep products (mattress, pillows and etc)
Latex Feel Foam
• High Resilience (HR) Foam.
• Foam that has a higher support factor for a greater surface comfort.
Fire Retardant Foam
• US Standard – CA 117
• UK Standard – BS 5852
General Foam Grade
Normal Foam application, density ranging from 12 to 50 Kg/m3.
Rebonded Foam
Open cell foam that is made from shredded pieces of foam, which are then glued together, forming one solid piece of foam. Rebond foam is very dense and provides a solid, firm support base.